Eritrea – Eritrean music by Elsa Kidane – “Hagerey”

Songs from Egypt Movie Score: four / five

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  1. elsa kidane you’re the best keep it up….
    Hagerey shikor eritrea for ever

  2. Very nice voice…strong AND beautiful!

  3. I am with you on that space. Helen has the quality and diva like attitude!!

  4. Dahlak that is what I basically said. We can’t compare the two simply because they are completely different styles. It is like we are comparing Rock singers with R&B singers. They are both different styles of music so the same is with Elsa’s and Helen’s music. That is why I don’t even compare the two to begin with. They both are good in their own way and style.
    Therefore all it comes down to is personal preference. And for me I prefer Helen’s style over Elsa’s but Elsa is still good.


  5. I decide to be a singer coz of Elsa kidanee very very very nice!! Mashallah! Dirareyyyy!Eri adey!

  6. That is a nice comment bro!

  7. I am not that friendly to any one who comes to me through Helen no matter what so Alekulki, better watch your back from now onwards…you have made an enemy already with that comment!…LOOL

    I think both Helen and Elsa are very talented Eri singers but have very different musical style, Helen’s voice is very high pitched and you are ether going to like it or hate it. While Elsa’s is more of a normal and soft voice. I like Elsa too but you can’t compare them for the reason I described above.

  8. plz remove the caption u put on the video what is that for? u killed the quality of the video

  9. Thanks guys…!

  10. Yes, i also thinks it’s Hagerey

  11. im pretty sure its hagerey